Dr. Ross Fitzpatrick, DVM

* Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, 1966

* Companion Animal Practitioner:

           ** Winnipeg, Manitoba ( 1966-1978)

           ** Registrar, Secretary-Treasurer, Manitoba Veterinary Medical Assoc.

           ** Cranbrook, B.C. ( 1978 - 1991)

           ** Calgary, AB ( Calgary Animal Emergency Clinic 1992-2003)

           ** Locum Practitioner (2004-2012)

​* Retired at end of 2012

Kelsey Clark, BSc & LLB

* Graduate ( Faculty of Law) of the University of British Columbia, 2000

* Graduate ( Faculty of Art & Science) of the University of Saskatchewan, 1996

​* Partner, Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP, Calgary

Dear Friends of the Vintage Veterinary Exhibit,

Seven Years ago, I had a dream of including an exhibit at Heritage Park Historical Village highlighting the contributions made by veterinarians to Western Canada. The modern veterinary profession owes a huge debit of gratitude to these pioneers in the profession, and society as a whole should learn more about these early practitioners. From caring for animals that allowed farmers to work their fields and their other livestock, to caring for the critically important horses of the Canadian Armed Forces during World War 1 veterinarians played a critical role ( 300 Canadian veterinarians supported the troops and their horses during the Great War).

A board of interested volunteers was formed to help tell the story of veterinarians in the era of 1915-1925. Together with Heritage Park, this dream is close to reality.


Ted Clark,

DVM, MVSci, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Pathologists, & President of Vintage Veterinary Exhibit Association

Sam ( Samantha) Reynolds

* University  of Calgary Veterinary Medicine, DVM Class of 2024 ​

  • Class President for Class of 2024

* Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Calgary

* Worked in small and mixed clinics for over 4 years prior to admittance

​* Interested in working in Rural Mixed Practice after graduation

Dr. E. Eldon Hall, BSc, DVM

* Bachelor of Science U of C 1968

* DVM Guelph 1972

* Large Animal Practice at Nanton and Vulcan 1972-1991 and 1996 - present

* CFIA Veterinary Inspector 1991-1996

* Past ABVMA Council

​* Admissions Committee for ABVMA

* Eldon worked on the VVEA committee until his  passing on August 21. 2019.  He was an asset to the members and will be missed.

Dr. Bim Hopf, DVM

​* DVM from WSU 1960 and moved to Calgary following graduation

* Four years mixed animal practice in the 9th Avenue Animal Hospital

* Veterinarian at Calgary Zoo for 7 years

* Ag Canada ( CFIA) Until retirement in 1999

* Still does some volunteer work at Fort Calgary

Dr. Ron Clarke,

* Large Animal Practice

* Senior management in Federal and Provinical Governments

* Animal Health Pharmaceutical Industry

* Published Author of over 400 articles and books

* Passion for the beef industry and journalism

* Interests; wood carving, braiding and writing.

Dr Edward ( Ted) Clark MVSci, DACVP

* OVC Graduate 1966

* Large Animal Practice in SK for 9 years

​* MVSci in pathology at WCVM 1977 and Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Pathology 1983

* Diagnostic pathologist Dept. of Veterinary Pathology and Prairie Diagnostic Services until 2005

* Diagnostic anatomic pathologist at CARE Centre Animal Hospital in Calgary 2005 until retirement in the fall of 2009

* Spring of 2018 color atlas of bovine pathology published along with two US colleagues

* 2016 OVC Distinguished Alumni Award winner

Dr. Dan French

* Graduated WCVM 1983

* Interned Littleton Large Animal Clinic

​* Equine Surgery residency & MVSc- WCVM 1986-88

* Diplomate ACVS 1991 & ACVSMR 2016

* Associate at Okotoks Animal Clinic 1988-2013

* Resident & FEI treating veterinarian Spruce Meadows 1988- Present

* UCVM Clinical Instructor

​* formed T D Equine Veterinary Group 2013

​Dr. Don Wilson

* OVC 1966 Graduate

* 8 years large animal practice in ON

* 3 years commercial embryo transfer in ON

* 29 years veterinary pharaceutical industry

* Calgary based 18 of past 22 years

* Served on boards of ARIO, CAHI and VIDO

* Dr. Don Wilson, was one of the founding members to start the VVEA Association,sadly passed away July 5, 2020. His work and dedication to the group will be sorely missed.

Dr Danny Joffe, 

* Graduate of Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985

* Board Certified Specialist ( ABVP - Canine/Feline Specialty) 1992

* National Medical Director for VCA Canada ( Canada's largest group veterinary practice)

* Past President of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

* Past President of the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology

Joanne Wright, RVT

​* Olds College Animal Health Technology Graduate 1978

* Mixed Practice - Brooks Alberta 1978-1981

* Small Animal Veterinary Hospital Calgary 1981-1984

* Olds College - Animal Health Technology & Equine Science Program Instructor & Instructional Assistant 1984- Present

​* Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association Senior Inspector and Soundness Evaluator

Dr. Kevin MacAulay,​

* 1994-1999 - Worked at Heritage Park Historical Village ( while a high school & university student)

* Graduated from WCVM in 2002

* Completed rotating small animal internship at OVC in 2003

* Small animal veterinarian and owner of Glamorgan Animal Clinic in Calgary since 2003 ans 2008, respectively

* Volunteer on various committees with the ABVMA since 2010

​* 2016 ABVMA President

​Mrs. Nora Schmidt

* Proficient in Communication and organizing special events

* Edits journals and newsletters for publication

* Public relations consultant for various professional associations and societies

* A coordinator for the Western Heritage Centre in Cochrane

* 10 years as executive secretary for the Auctioneers Association of AB

* Extensive work with indigenous groups in both MB and AB

​Dr.. Larry Frischke, DVM

* Graduate from WCVM in 1975

* Worked in mixed practice 21 years, then in Vet Pharma Industry 22 years

* Presently employed by Solvet

* Reside in Sundre, Ab

​Dr. Alycia Webster

* University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine of 2019

* Senior Dlegate of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners for UCVM

* Past President of the UCVM Production Animal Health Club

​* Interests: Large animal medicine in a mixed/rural practice

​Dr. Eugene Janzen

* DVM From WCVM 1972

* Practitioner Vegreville Veterinary Services May 1972- June 1975

* 1977 MVsc Melbourne, Preventive and Epidemiology

* Faculty Member June 1977 - June 1984 Veterinary Clinic Studies WCVM

* Interim Dean, UCVM October 2005 to May 2006

* Associate or Assistant Dean, Clinic Programs May 2006 to June 30 2015

* Professor, Production Animal Health ( UCVM) July 2015 to present

* Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medalist January 2012

* 2016-2019 Principle Investigator - Disease Consultation and Investigative Capacity Development

* 2018 Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation

Mrs. Tara Marsland-Fitzpatrick ( SOHK, School of Hard Knocks!)

*2008- Present - Owner of Velocity Networks ( Local ISP offering High Speed Internet Company)

* 2013- Present - Owner of Marsland Ranch ( Equine Boarding Facility Near Cochrane)

* 2016- Present - P.A.L.S Volunteer  Based at Foothills Hospital Physiatric Unit

* 2007 - 2009 - AHTA @ Heartland Veterinary Clinic

* 2001-2003 AHTA @ Calgary North Veterinary Hospital

* 1993-2003 AHTA @ Calgary Animal Emergency Clinic

* 1996-2000 Reception @ Crowfoot Veterinary Clinic

* Interests; Camping, boating, horseback riding, lake life!

Dr. Jill Girgulis

* UCVM Class of 2020

​* President of Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (SVECCS)

* UCVM Yearbook editor-in-chief

* Curriculum Committee and Professional Skills Class of 2020 representative

​* Interests: small animal theriogenology and emergency medicine

David Farran

* Served as a British Diplomat in Canada

* Was Vice President of Big Rock Brewery

* Past President of Associate Veterinary Clinics ( now VCA)

​* Founders of Eau Claire Distillery in Turner Valley, AB

Ms. Stephanie Parth

* UCVM Class of 2022

* Interests: Equine medicine, aspiring mixed animal practitioner

​* Hobbies: Camping, hiking, rock climbing and classical piano

Dr. Doug Myers

* BSc in Zoology from Colorado State University 

* DVM from Western College of Veterinary Medicine- Saskatoon 1985

* 8 years in Equine/Bovine Practice in Alberta

* 25 years as Western Technical Services Veterinarian for Western Canada for Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

* Served on ABVMA Vet Med in the 21 Century, Discipline Investigation Committee, WCVM Interview Committee and Vintage Veterinary Committee

* Served on Canadian Cattleman's Association Quality Starts Here Committee

* Past delegate to American Association of Equine Practitioners Biologic and Therapeutic Committee

*Works extensively with producers and veterinarians regarding proper health and vaccination programs for horses

* Has presented research topics across Canada, United States as well as Japan, Germany and Mexico