​​A museum quality venue at an appropriate public site will capture the role of horses in powering ranching and agriculture, the Canadian war effort, and the march West of the North West Mounted Police, noting early veterinarians on the scene.

Our exhibit will showcase the development of the veterinary profession in western Canada during the 1900-1915 period.  Our exhibit will include a working office with a collection of  artifacts that depict the tools of a veterinarian’s practice.  It will also include live enactments of a practicing veterinarian working from a horse-drawn carriage, travelling through the historical village of Heritage Park.

Be sure to mark our location on your map when visiting the Canada's Largest Living Museum located in Calgary, Alberta.  Click here to download the full Heritage Park Historical Village Map or visit www.heritagepark.ca


Heritage Park Historical Village
Canada’s Largest Living History Museum

The people involved with Vintage Veterinary Exhibit Association help preserve thinly scattered remnants of the early veterinary history in Western Canada. We believe that conserving​ history provides an understanding of how historic cultures shaped our modern world.

Vintage Veterinary exhinbit is thrilled to announce:

We have raised all the funding needed to complete phrase 2 at Heritage Park. Thank you to those that have donated to this exhibit.

We're OPEN

Vintage Veterinary Exhibit receives approval to showcase our collection at Heritage Park Historical Village