Dr. Ted Clark

Dr. Ron Clarke

Dr. Ross Fitzpatrick

Dr. Dan French

Dr. Danny Joffe

Dr. Kevin MacAulay

Dr. Doug Myers

Dr. Don Wilson

Jill Girgulis - Student

Alycia Webster- Student

Kelsey Clark - Lawyer

David Farran - Entrepreneur

Tara Marsland 

Joanne Wright - AHT

Nora Schmidt - Scribe

Dr. Larry Frischke

Dr. Bim Hopf

Dr. Eldon Hall

Dr. ​Eugene Janzen

Contact Us for more information of how your support and contributions can help build upon the many stories and artifacts we have to display.

​Your expression of interest and support is crucial! 

Heritage Park Historical Village
1900 Heritage Dr SW, Calgary,  Alberta

T2V 2X3,

Vintage Veterinary Exhibit Association Committee 


Highlights Include:​​

~~~~~ Help preserve history~~~~~~

Help tell the story of Veterinary medicine in Western Canada as it paralleled development of ranching and agriculture industries between 1870 and 1930. 

Come join us in November 2018 for our soft opening of our Exhibit at the Historical Heritage Park Village in Calgary.

November 2018 " Soft Opening" 

Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 (a major milestone regarding advancement of veterinary medicine with Canadian involvement).



​​​Veterinarians and allies in agriculture, veterinary practice, ranching, the equine industry, academia, journalism and law have developed a project plan. 

The task of requesting commitment and obtaining sources of funding has started.

  • Archival material
  • Living history exhibits
  • Written stories
  • Presentations
  • Tools, instruments and practices
  • Horse and Carriage  Rides
  • ​Interpretive Center